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  Why we are, who we are
  How we operate
It is believed that genetics, vitamin deficiency, and UV exposure combine to account for over 15 million (1.5 crores) Indians living without vision. Addressing these issues is a considerable task in itself, involving ...
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The modern facilities staffed by compassionate doctors continue to develop as the institute keeps on procuring the latest equipment necessary to provide quality eye care...
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My name is B. Srinivas Rao. I belonged to a very poor family. From my Childhood, I was always inspired by people who live for others than themselves. I always had an ambition to complete my higher education and become a Doctor and serve people.
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I seva is a service organization and the concept of I seva is to protect our eyes.
Eye, as we all know is the most sensitive part of our body. Knowingly or unknowingly, most of us become victims of eye related problems like poor vision, cataract, glaucoma,...
Such problems are due to environmental pollution, unstable diet, heriditary problems, smoking or drinking, over exposure to video & electronic gadgets like PC, TV,...
We are on a mission to identify all such eye related problems and provide the necessary treatment to everyone without expecting any monetary benefits.
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